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The nineteenth century saw many inventions that created revolution in the field of communication technology. With the discovery of telephone, the world witnessed a huge transformation in the way the society and the business people communicated orally. Next came yet another device, commonly known as ‘fax machine’ that influenced the areas of business communication and office automation to a great extent. By sending data and images from one location to another effortlessly, fax has created a significant impact in the functioning of business operations in the modern world.

Why Fax is essential?

Created by a Scottish Inventor Alexander Bain, this communication device that is commonly known as ‘Fax’ or ‘Facsimile’ scans and transmits exact copy of data like documents and images using telephone lines quickly and cost effectively. Fax Machines have been playing an essential role in the office operations before the advent of modern digital era that has innovations like computer, Internet etc. In the present business world, fax is still being considered a vital communicating tool because of the following reasons:

Easy to access.

Sending and receiving of data is done rapidly.

The Earlier Fax Machines

Right from its inception, the fax machines has evolved into many versions based on the technology prevailed at that period.  From wired transmission using a land-line to wireless transmission using Wi-Fi and now transmitting through smart phones, Facsimile has come a long way in establishing itself as one of the most reliable communicating devices.

Telephone and Fax

Fax machine that uses a telephone connection to send and receive messages require a landline number to which it directly gets connected. Though it was widely used in office automation and business communications, it had many disadvantages which led to the development of next generation of Facsimile.  

Internet and Fax

With the advancement in telecom industry, ‘Internet fax’ that is also popularly called as ‘e-Fax’ or ‘Online-Fax’ came into existence.  Instead of using only phone connections, Internet fax worked on wired or wireless web connections by means of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).


Smartphone and Fax

In the modern era, Smartphone and tablet have replaced earlier faxing methods to transfer data and images to enhance more efficiency in business and home operations. Data transmission is done with the help of an Internet connection and online faxing services on where can I send a fax free of charge? here.

Fax Services through Smartphone

The invention of Smartphone has brought huge comfort to the users enabling them to be connected to the world anytime. This amazing gadget has made our lives easier, more entertaining and more productive with a whole lot of options available at our fingertips. Smartphone’s user friendly features have enabled people to constantly get updated about latest happenings in the areas of their interest. It has created a great impact in the way people handled their business operations like managing data, sending and receiving E-mails, tracking calls and emails, file transfer, money transfer and more including transmitting fax messages.

Online Fax Services

Faxes through Smartphone operate using an online fax service in which a dedicated fax number hosted by a service provider helps in sending and receiving fax messages. Online fax service is just like setting up a virtual fax machine and operating it through an integrated interface to send and receive faxes. In earlier times, faxing machine needed a dedicated phone line in order to operate. The Online fax services enables to fax directly from the web at any place where Internet can be accessed.

Online fax service in Smartphone uses an interface that functions like a wed-based email account. Faxing is done through email or any web applications and messages transmitted through this service are billed as mobile data.

Sending and receiving Faxes in Smartphone

 The format of the file, the template for the cover page is managed by the fax service provider. Receiving a fax is done either through an email or via fax mobile app. Faxes are received in the form of an email attachment irrespective of whether the Smartphone is on or off.


Fax Mobile Apps

In the modern digital era, Fax mobile apps have made the transmission of messages easy and comfortable to those who use Smartphone.

Online Fax Services

Online fax service for Smartphone acts as a gateway to transmit document via internet to any remote location or to a fax machine.

Faxes in Smartphone

Sending a fax in a Smart phone that uses an online fax service is done through emails. Faxes in the form of a file are sent as a mail a.

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